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Henry's Special Recipe Fried Chicken

Henry Holland's Famous Special Recipe Fried Chicken came about, in an interesting story, in 1995 during a vacation in the beautiful Texas South Padre Island.

A successful Dallas developer, Preston Carter, had requested a special meal of fried chicken. Henry was informed by Mr. Carter that the senior Mr. Carter was accustomed to tasting some of the best fried chicken that Texas had to offer. Since the senior Mr. Carter was to be present at dinner, the challenge was given to Henry to create a fried chicken dinner to rival that of Mr. Carter's favorite chef's fried chicken dinner.

Of course, the rest is history.

Back in town, at the Dallas Country Club, Mrs. J.L. Huffines overheard the conversation about Henry's Best-Fried-Chicken-in-Texas and thereafter the word spread in Dallas. Today Henry receives many requests from satisfied customers for his Famous Special Recipe Fried Chicken.


J. Buffalo 2006